World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 

15 June 2020


The SSAB is hosting a discussion via zoom on Monday 15 June from 10.30-11.30am on ‘Safeguarding Adults in our community - How Sutton Safeguarding Adults Board supports you to recognise risk and protect members of your community?’

For further details to participate, please email



a)purpose of the meeting, who is present at the webinar and the organisations they represent

b) role of the SSAB and our priorities for 2020- 2021


2. What is ‘safeguarding’

- who is an ‘adult at risk’ and what types of risk might they face in Sutton? 

- impacts on self, family and wider community

- role of prevention

- when to raise a safeguarding concern 


3. How to raise a safeguarding referral

-process - form, phone, email, website etc

- duty, social care involvement

- what happens after you raise a safeguarding concern


4. Experience of Safeguarding

- Are individuals familiar with the safeguarding process

- How responsive are partners to local communities, what could be improved to ensure a wider understanding of needs/ risks across our diverse communities?


5. Discussion

- How can the SSAB assist the wider community recognise and report abuse, how can we work together to prevent abuse and neglect?


6. Questions