National Safeguarding Awareness Week, SSAB Conference (16-20 November 2020)

The SSAB is planning to celebrate National Safeguarding Week in November 2020 as per the guidance set by ADASS.  In view of the current climate, the SSAB will be hosting all these events virtually.  It has been proposed that rather than having the conference and all the presentations on a single day, as the event is to be virtual, it would be better to spread this across the whole week.  Incorporated within this will be a series of webinars and interactive activities including breakout groups to promote further discussion.  It has been agreed that there will be a greater emphasis on the voice of the service user throughout these sessions and there will be service user and carer representation incorporated within the programme. 

We are mid-way through the conference but there are a number of events over the next few days which are accessible via the zoom links below.

Fire Safety - Advice for Practitioners and Carers (SSAB Virtual Conference) Wednesday 18th November 2020
(10:00 - 12:00)
Meeting ID: 958 7595 4231
Passcode: 540951
The Police Operation NOGI Programme and keeping the Borough's population safe (SSAB Virtual Conference) Wednesday 18th November 2020
(14:00 - 16:00)
Meeting ID: 930 0595 0923
Passcode: 033609
Safeguarding and Race Equality/ Sharing experiences of the Safeguarding Process (SSAB Virtual Conference)(SSAB Virtual Conference) Thursday 19th November 2020
(10:00 - 12:00)
Meeting ID: 999 7750 9223
Passcode: 814052
Carers’ Rights in Safeguarding (SSAB Virtual Conference) Thursday 19 November 2020
(14:00 - 16:00)
Meeting ID: 961 7946 5742
Passcode: 105475
Mental Health - lived experience, Peer to Peer Project and Sutton Men in Sheds Project- (SSAB Virtual Conference) Friday 20 November 2020
(10:00 - 12:00)
Meeting ID: 915 5088 0033
Passcode: 808659
Safeguarding - What Good Care Looks Like (SSAB Virtual Conference) and Plenary Friday 20 November 2020
(14:00 - 16:00)
Meeting ID: 969 5887 7689
Passcode: 544426




Hate Crime Awareness Week - Monday 12th - Friday 16th October 2020


We are proud to be working in partnership to deliver a series of online events and activities for this year's Hate Crime Awareness Week.

Join us for online conversations about protecting people from Hate Crime and cuckooing as well as meaningful discussions about the impact of COVID 19 and #BLM has had on community cohesion.  

Booking details are contained below.  The webinars will be delivered via Zoom.

Monday 12th October, 2-4 pm, Behind Closed Doors - Protecting People from Hate Crime and Cuckooing.

If you missed this session, please take a look at Mike Ainsworth's, Hate Crime UK's presentation.


Friday 16th October, 2-4 pm, Covid-19 and BLM - input on Community Cohesion in Sutton through a Hate Crime Lens




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