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18th February 2022

Online Dating Fraud

With Valentine's Day having just passed, records indicated that online dating fraud has soared during the UK’s lockdowns, watch out for fake profiles on dating sites and social media platforms.

Here, victims of romance fraud tell us about their experiences in their own words and serve as a warning about the tactics used by these masters of manipulation.

18th February 2022

Fuel Scam - Eon bill refund scam

These fraudulent communication methods here claim to be from Eon and follow a typical story that all scammers use to worry you and pile on the urgency.

From an Eon phishing email to a phone call with a scammer, we carried out an investigation to expose the tricks and tactics used in this scam. Lucia Ariano, Which? senior presenter played along with a fraudster to show you how the scam works and the sneaky tricks used with this phishing attempt. We would never recommend doing this yourself.

Watch the video to find out what happened and how you can avoid similar scams.

3rd February 2022

Practitioners advised on fire risk awareness when prescribing emollients

Both Health and fire services have provided fire safety awareness advice in the use of all emollient products (including water-based and paraffin-free) when applied regularly to large areas of the body. 

Instruct: Not to smoke, cook or go near any naked flames/heat sources (e.g. heaters) whilst wearing clothing/dressings that have been in contact with emollients or emollient treated skin (including bedding).

Measures: Offer referral to Smoking cessation service or support, Local fire and rescue service for fire safety advice and/or a home visit.

Note: Washing clothing and bedding at a high temperature may reduce the contamination but not totally remove it - so the risk remains.

Remind: Remind users/their carers about this risk each time you prescribe, dispense or review.


Please refer to the Emollient Factsheet for further guidance.

1st February 2022

Local NHS joining programme that improves the health of people with Type 2 diabetes using 'soup and shakes' diet

GPs in Sutton are joining a programme that has helped more than 2,000 people with Type 2 diabetes improve their health through the ‘soups and shakes’ diet – with participants losing an average of over 13 kilogrammes after three months.

To find out more about Type 2 diabetes visit: 

31st January 2022

Experience in Care Homes during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Sutton Council commissioned Healthwatch Sutton to undertake an audit of the experience in care homes during the pandemic. In the course of completing this, care home residents, their families and care home staff members were interviewed. On completion of the audit, a report was produced to share the findings with practitioners, commissioners and the wider community. The report is available here to read here, The Experience in Care Homes during the COVID-19 Pandemic.