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17th May 2021

Royal Mail Scams

There is a rise in Royal Mail scams. Victims are receiving texts or emails claiming to be from Royal Mail claiming a package requires a small payment to be delivered. (along with other similar narratives) Clicking on the link and providing your details leads to your money and/or identity being stolen. Please take a look at this.

There are some good examples of (some quite convincing) scam messages on the Royal Mail website. I encourage everyone to have a look at this.

11th May 2021

Census Scams

Now that Census Day has passed, scammers are taking the opportunity to take advantage of the potential fine imposed onto non-compliant members of the public. Please read the advice on census scams here.

4th May 2021

Research into supporting working Carers


Citizens Advice Sutton is collecting evidence of the financial difficulties faced by working carers. If you are a working carer and would like to contribute to this research and support a possible campaign to persuade the government to introduce a Universal Credit Work Allowance for Carers, please get in touch with Citizens Advice Sutton online at or phone us 020 8405 3552.

4th May 2021

Debt Breathing Space

On Tuesday 4th May 2021, the new Breathing Space and Mental Health Crisis Debt Respite Schemes came into effect. Breathing Space is a new scheme that gives people temporary protection from most types of debt collection while they work with a debt adviser. People need to apply through a debt adviser, such as a member of the Citizens Advice Sutton debt advice team, for sixty days’ Breathing Space.  


4th May 2021

Doorstep Scams

Fraudsters are using new scams related to the Covid pandemic to target vulnerable people on their doorstep.  It has heard of people claiming to be from local NHS services offering fast-track testing and vaccines, selling vitamin pills that supposedly protect against Covid, and collecting donations for fake charities.  Rogue traders have also used the pandemic as an opportunity to revive traditional doorstep scams such as offering building, gardening or home improvement services that they overcharge for or never complete.  Understanding doorstep scams.