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6th September 2023

Male One-Stop Shop

Male One Stop Shop is exclusively for male victims of domestic abuse and the service is delivered by Cranstoun Transform, Sutton's provider of domestic abuse services. In the UK, one in 6-7 men will be a victim of domestic abuse in their lifetime and nearly half (49%) won’t tell anyone due to the shame and stigma of being associated with abuse of this kind (compared to 19% of female victims). 11% of male victims (7.2% of women) have considered taking their life.

Details on the monthly meeting venue, dates, and meeting times are available in this flyer.

31st August 2023

ULEZ scams: drivers targeted by dodgy websites

London's Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) has expanded, with drivers across the capital – and those visiting – facing a daily charge of £12.50 if their car doesn’t meet the required emissions standards.

A member of the public approached us after inadvertently paying a dodgy company that appeared as 'Ulezpayservice' on their bank statement, rather than the official TfL website. Their bank later informed them that this retailer had set up a continuous payment authority (allowing them to take recurring payments) that has since been cancelled.

Here's how to spot a ULEZ scam and what to do if you've already made a payment.

29th August 2023

7 investment scam red flags

It's not always easy to tell the difference between a high-risk (but legitimate) scheme and an outright scam, and sometimes the truth only emerges years later.

At a time of high inflation and meagre rewards for savers, we understand that your head could be turned by the promise of high or guaranteed investment returns. Be safe, read our seven red flags that will help you spot investment scams.

29th August 2023

Early Intervention on Dogs - LEAD

Taking a LEAD on dogs
Local Environmental Awareness on Dogs - LEAD© - is a police-led, initiative founded in the London Borough of Sutton in South West London to encourage responsible dog ownership of all breeds of dog.
It seeks to provide advice to the public on dog issues, improve dog safety and dog welfare. It also deals with anti-social and inconsiderate behaviour by individuals with dogs in a way that protects and reassures the public. It is aimed at all dog owners in Sutton whether in private or rented accommodation.
This work is being promoted through regular dog roadshows, engagement with dog owners during regular patrols and through day-to-day contact with owners of dogs that come to police attention.
To achieve this we are working closely with our partner agencies, which include Sutton Council, all Registered Social Landlords like Sutton Housing Partnership and Roundshaw Homes, the RSPCA and the Riverside Animal Centre, which is based in Beddington Park, Sutton. Our annual surveys of local residents highlight that issues concerning dogs, such as nuisance dogs and dog fouling, are high on the list of concerns amongst residents in the borough – and LEAD is aimed at tackling these concerns.

For more information please do read the attached flyer. 

29th August 2023

Family Safety around Dogs.

The bond between your child and dog can bring fun and happiness to family life.
We don’t expect our own dog to bite, but any dog can biteif they feel they have no other option.
Children are most likely to be bitten at home, by a familiar dog.
Luckily most bites are preventable and close supervision is key.

If you’ve a baby on the way, now’s the time to start preparing your dog.
Gradually introduce changes in your home and routines, using rewards your dog enjoys, to help them cope well with the new arrival. 

Please see attached flyer for further information on Safety around Dogs.

Please see attached flyer for further information on Your Dog and Your New Baby.