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19th May 2021

Sutton Safeguarding Adults Board news item

Clare's Law

With the Right to Ask, anyone who has concerns about an individual's past history of domestic abuse can make a Right to Ask request to the police, so a Social Worker can do this, the partner, family member, a friend, neighbour. The police will then check their records for this person. They will only provide information that is relevant to domestic abuse and this information will be given in person to the female who is in that relationship. The Right to Know is where there is knowledge that someone is at risk of being in a relationship with a known perpetrator they will then give this information in person to the partner at risk. To request information under Clare’s Law from the police, please click this link.

18th May 2021

Sutton Safeguarding Adults Board news item

Protect Your Pooch - A New Dog Theft Campaign Launched By Neighbourhood Watch

The campaign will run on social media from 17th – 30th May but those who do not use social media can support the campaign by displaying this poster in their community, or attending our online Dog Theft webinar on the 27th May at 5pm. To book your place, click here.

17th May 2021

Sutton Safeguarding Adults Board news item

Royal Mail Scams

There is a rise in Royal Mail scams. Victims are receiving texts or emails claiming to be from Royal Mail claiming a package requires a small payment to be delivered. (along with other similar narratives) Clicking on the link and providing your details leads to your money and/or identity being stolen. Please take a look at this.

There are some good examples of (some quite convincing) scam messages on the Royal Mail website. I encourage everyone to have a look at this.

11th May 2021

Sutton Safeguarding Adults Board news item

Census Scams

Now that Census Day has passed, scammers are taking the opportunity to take advantage of the potential fine imposed onto non-compliant members of the public. Please read the advice on census scams here.

4th May 2021

Sutton Safeguarding Adults Board news item

Research into supporting working Carers


Citizens Advice Sutton is collecting evidence of the financial difficulties faced by working carers. If you are a working carer and would like to contribute to this research and support a possible campaign to persuade the government to introduce a Universal Credit Work Allowance for Carers, please get in touch with Citizens Advice Sutton online at or phone us 020 8405 3552.