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19th December 2022

Sutton Men in Sheds

Sutton Men in Sheds provides a positive space, opportunity and support group for men from all backgrounds. The project has grown significantly over the past few years, it provides a community space for men to connect, engage in conversation, as well as create and pursue new interests. The sessions and activities are themed (based on feedback). Advice, support and signposting facilitated by professionals are incorporated into the group sessions.


We are pleased to confirm the dates for January to March 2023, see the flyer attached. 


Follow the project on Facebook @HillHouseStHelier and Twitter @st_helier for regular updates. Contact for more information.


16th December 2022

Warm Spaces

Come and meet the warm spaces volunteers in Sutton Libraries. Dates and venues are stated in the attached poster.

12th December 2022

Community Clothes Cupboard

The community clothes cupboard has a large amount of men's, women's and children's clothes to offer. Please share this information with someone you think may benefit from this. 

25th November 2022

Top tips to shop online securely this festive season:

Action Fraud and the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) is urging online shoppers to protect their accounts, check before they buy, and use secure payment methods in order to stay ahead of the threat from criminals this shopping season:
 - Protect your accounts: set up 2-step verification and use three random words passwords to prevent cyber criminals from gaining access to your shopping, bank or email accounts.
- Choose carefully where you shop: Research online retailers, particularly if you haven’t bought from them before, to check they’re legitimate. Read feedback from people or organisations you trust, such as consumer websites.
- Pay securely: Use a credit card when shopping online, if you have one. Most major credit card providers protect online purchases and are obliged to refund you in certain circumstances.  
For more advice on how to shop online securely this festive season, visit:

23rd November 2022

Surviving Economic Abuse

Economic abuse is a legally recognised form of domestic abuse and it often occurs in the context of intimate partner violence. It involves the control of a partner or ex-partner’s money, finances and things that money can buy, such as clothing, transport, food and a place to live.

One in six women in the UK has experienced economic abuse by a current or former partner. Economic abuse rarely happens in isolation; it normally happens alongside other forms of domestic abuse.

Economic abuse often occurs alongside other forms of abuse. It is commonly part of a pattern of behaviour called coercive control. If you are in immediate danger, call the police on 999. If you are not in immediate danger but have concerns about your safety, there are domestic abuse helplines that you can call, many of which offer a 24-hour service.