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10th March 2021

Sutton Safeguarding Adults Board news item

Eliminate cyber crime

Several million cases of fraud and computer misuse are reported to the police every year. It's staggering, but even more staggering is that so many of those crimes could have been prevented by making a few small changes in online behaviour.

The police have put together a collection of short videos to prevent fraud and cyber crime.

10th March 2021

Sutton Safeguarding Adults Board news item

Covid and Vaccine Scams

Criminals take advantage of any situation to try and commit fraud, and the COVID-19 Pandemic and Vaccination rollouts are no exception.

Please look at the guidance for further information.

2nd March 2021

Sutton Safeguarding Adults Board news item

Holiday Fraud Warning


Action Fraud is warning the public to remain vigilant against holiday and travel-related fraud, as holiday bookings surge, following the Government’s announcement on how lockdown restrictions will be eased.

For a full list of tips to avoid becoming a victim of fraud, please visit

1st March 2021

Sutton Safeguarding Adults Board news item

Staying Safe from Romance Fraud

Online dating sites are more popular than ever but as their business potential grows, so does the possibility of scams and frauds being carried out through them. 

Please take a look at the practical guide highlighting common tactics used in romance fraud - safeguarding through knowledge and empowerment.

25th February 2021

Sutton Safeguarding Adults Board news item

Sutton Fraud and Cyber Crime

Fraud is on the rise. 

Please be aware that your bank, the police, or tax office will never ask you to attend your bank, withdraw, transfer or pay money over the phone or send couriers to collect your card or cash. Nor would they ask you to buy goods or vouchers.

This is a scam.
1. Hang up (Never give details or money following a cold call)
2. Take 5 (Seek a second opinion, tell someone what has happened)
3. Verify (if concerned, contact the company via a pre-confirmed method)
All of our videos and electronic leaflets can be found on the following link;

Free cyber advice can be found
Always report, Scams fraud and cyber crime to Action Fraud, either online at or by telephone on 0300 123 2040.

A detailed report is attached here.