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2nd August 2021

Sutton Safeguarding Adults Board news item

Pet fraud

Data from Action Fraud, the national reporting centre for fraud and cyber-crime, reveals that £2,638,323 was lost by prospective pet owners in the 2020/21 financial year, after they put down deposits for pets they saw advertised online.

Capitalising on the rise in people getting pets due to the national lockdowns caused by coronavirus, criminals have been posting fake adverts on social media, online marketplaces and specific pet-selling platforms.

Unsuspecting victims will be asked to pay a deposit for the pet without seeing it in person first, with many criminals using the restrictions caused by the pandemic as a reason why they cannot see the animal. After the initial payment is made, more and more funds will be requested to cover additional costs such as insurance, vaccinations and even delivery of the pet.

Please look at this to see how to protect yourself from pet fraud 

26th July 2021

Sutton Safeguarding Adults Board news item

Safeguarding Voices Group

The Safeguarding Voices Group - request for participants

The Sutton Safeguarding Adults Board is looking for individuals with lived safeguarding experience. If you have had the experience of going through the safeguarding process, either as a service user or carer, or know someone who has and would be interested in participating, please share this video link with them. Please contact Anita Batish at for further information.


21st July 2021

Sutton Safeguarding Adults Board news item

British Gas Fraud Risk

Action Fraud recently received 537 reports in 48 hours relating to fake emails purporting to be from British Gas. The emails state that the recipient is due a refund because of overpayment, and there is a link to a phishing website requesting personal and financial information. Do not be taken in by this – forward all scam emails to the Suspicious Email Reporting Service (SERS)

20th July 2021

Sutton Safeguarding Adults Board news item

Scam Protection Checklist

We’ve created two scams protection checklists to guide you through being able to spot scams and put settings in place to reduce the risk of a fraudster targeting you.

If you answer yes to any of these questions, there’s a good chance it may be a scam.

20th July 2021

Sutton Safeguarding Adults Board news item

Investment Scams

Investment scams
If you come across an interesting investment opportunity via a search engine or online advert, how can you tell whether it’s genuine or not? Just entering your email address and phone number on rogue investment sites could leave you facing a barrage of cold calls and unsolicited emails.

In this video, we explain what checks you can carry out to ensure an investment site or firm is legitimate or a clone and how to stay one step ahead of fraudsters.